Banks Sidewinder Turbo

So you find yourself with a 1983-1993 6.9L, 7.3L Ford Pickup and you want to know if you can upgrade your truck’s systems just like all the guys with newer model trucks do.  Well luckily for you, Banks Power has just the thing for your diesel truck, the Banks Power Wastegated Sidewinder Turbo.  To put your old truck back up to competing with newer trucks, this system has all the power you need.  With its addition of 82 horsepower and huge increase of 143 to your torque, this bad boy will have your old boy up and kicking in no time, well usually 10.5 hours but you know what I mean.

The system has a bonus of 10% improved fuel economy which when combined with the additions to horsepower and torque, your truck will be able to tow like never before.  With the Sidewinder TurboCharger Assembly and its angled mounts design installed, your truck will be moving larger volumes of air more efficiently, thereby improving your performance.  The larger design ensures this system will both outlast and outperform the competition with its Banks Aircraft 713C Inconol turbine.  This system will help reduce backpressure and will lower your EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures) which will lead to a greater power and mileage, as well as a quick response from the line.

Another component of this system is the Banks Ram-Air Intake and included with that is a 30-50,000 mile service kit.  The Ram-Air intake system sends cooler, denser air into your engine and decreases intake restriction through its cast-aluminum Hi-Rise filter housing design and the lifetime guaranteed high-flow Banks Ram-Air filter.  With its multilayer design, the filter effectively stays cleaner longer and allows air to flow through in ease.

One of the main goals Banks Power is trying to achieve, is to make sure that you understand what the parts in your car are doing and to make sure you get the most efficient upgrades.  Banks’ products are all improvements to stock companions and they have the proof with all the extensive testing they carry out. The Sidewinder Turbo system is no exception when it comes to the sheer quality of service it can provide your truck.  So if this is enough to convince you to try it out or you simply want to read up a bit more on the subject, then be sure to check out Banks Power Products online using the left-hand side search bar or call at 714-848-2170.


Air Filters for Cars

Do you often find yourself worrying about the quality of air reaching your vehicle’s engine?  Looking online can provide varying statistics and opinions about what’s safe to do and not to do with your car.  Even with air filters, many people have different methods when it come to cleaning and replacing them.  Some say to check your air filter every 60,000 miles while some will tell you to every 2,000.  The biggest factor to take into consideration when it comes to air filter health is the quality of life it receives.  Or more accurately, the type of air it cycles through most often.  If you drive your vehicle through smog infested cities backed up with endless traffic everyday then chances are you’ll want to clean and replace your air filter more often than someone who only drives a couple of days a week and for not that long. You essentially get what you give with your air filter’s lifestyle.

A smart trick to use when cleaning your vehicle’s air filter is to simply buy another one.  You might say, “Isn’t that a waste of money when you could just clean it?”  You would be right if I was suggesting you should simply throw away the dirty air filter.  But instead you should install the clean one and start cleaning the dirty one because it can take all day to fully cleanse it of impurities, leaving you stranded with no transportation unless you happened to have a spare air filter somewhere.

So your air filter is filthy and not operating at full capacity, now you want to try out this technique and are looking for a new and reliable air filter to purchase.  Well the best place to do so would be at Banks Power Products online, where you can find products such as the Banks Power Air Filter Element for the 2007-2011 3.8L Jeep Wrangler (Gas) 2 Door or 4 Door or the Banks Power Ram-Air Filter Element for the 1988-1998 7.5L Ford 460 Truck/Motorhome Electronic Fuel Injected (Gas) , and much more!  All of the air filters available from Banks Power are more than reliable and very graciously priced to give you the most value for your buck.  So go on ahead and order one online at Banks Power Products using the search located at the left-hand side of the screen to find the right air filter for you or call the number 714-848-2170.