Duramax Sidewinder

If this is your first time looking to upgrade your 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins pickup truck with a crew cab long bed configuration without a catalytic converter equipped Diesel engine with some aftermarket parts, then you came to the right place.  The number one name in great aftermarket diesel parts is Banks Power because they consistently produce efficient hardware that always stacks up against all competition and stock systems.  For your Dodge Cummins, might I suggest giving the affordable Banks Power Dual Exhaust Stinger System some of your consideration.

The Dual Exhaust Stinger System will greatly enhance your trucks capabilities with the included Banks Ram-Air Intake system, the Monster Diesel Duals or Single Exhaust, the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ Dashboard PC, the Monster Muffler, and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  You’ll be experiencing gains to your vehicle’s horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, and a cut to the backpressure.  This bundle is designed to optimize your trucks towing and work load performance with 75 horsepower and 175 torque, that’s all easily adjustable using the Banks iQ’s easy to read 5″ touchscreen monitor to control the EconoMind Diesel Tuner.

With the Banks Ram-Air intake system installed your truck’s airflow is going to be cooler, more efficiently filtered, and just flow faster and easier.  The large filter area lends itself to a reduction in the amount of cleanings and is also backed by a lifetime guarantee of service.  Your exhaust is going to be flowing up to 122% more efficiently than stock models with the Monster Exhaust System as well as having a nice sounding exhaust. You’ll also be getting more powerful boosts and sustain them for longer periods of time with the BigHead Wastegate Actuator keeping the valve’s seat down long enough.

If the Duramax Sidewinder system sounds like it could be greatly benefiting your truck or you simply want to look up some other Banks products then be sure to go online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.



When it comes down to it, there’s a huge amount of exhaust systems out there on the Banks Power Products website for all types of vehicles.  To narrow down the selection, search by the type of vehicle you have, using the categories located at the left side of the screen or the search bar.  Once you’ve got it narrowed down to say 100 or less, now you can organize this choice by their price from lowest to highest, their popularity, name, availability, and newness.  So let’s say you’re searching for an exhaust system to fit your 2002-2004 6.6L GM Duramax LB7 pickup with an extended or crew cab long bed configuration and no catalytic converter, you could check out the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System.

This bundle comes with the Banks Ram-Air Intake System, the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust, the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ, the Techni-Cooler Intercooler system, the Monster Muffler, and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  This system will fully optimize your vehicle’s towing capabilities with massive increases to torque, horsepower, and the fuel economy.  The stock exhaust system that comes with the LB7 has tons of airflow bottlenecks, like the intercooler, which restrict the airflow and density of the air.  The PowerPack system replaces that shoddy system increasing the airflow, density of air, and cutting backpressure in your vehicle.  The exhaust pipes are an open, free-flowing design constructed with mandrel-bending techniques, with 4″ stainless-steel pipes.

Another exhaust system you can check out is the Banks Power Dual Exhaust Big Hoss Bundle designed for a 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel pickup truck with a standard cab long bed or a crew cab short bed configuration and equipped with a catalytic converter.  This is a big jumble of different systems like the PowerPack system, coming with the Banks Ram-Air Intake System, the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust, the Six-Gun Diesel tuner and Banks iQ Dashboard PC, the Techni-Cooler Intercooler System, Monster Ram, the Monster Muffler, and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  This bundle will give you massive gains including an increase of 126 horsepower, 290 torque to the rear-wheels, lower EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures), and cutting your vehicle’s backpressure.

So if Banks’ many different exhaust systems piques your interest, then go ahead and research them or other products online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.

Banks Power Package

So this summer your family wants to test out your new 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel pickup truck with a crew cab long bed configuration without a catalytic converter equipped, by towing the motor home out to the desert for a few weeks.  You’re a bit worried that your truck isn’t going to perform as well as you want so you’ve looked up some aftermarket upgrades.  Well the best solution to this little towing problem is to go ahead and install the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System which was built for both work and towing situations.

With great enhances in horsepower and torque through all the different included systems your truck will be able to tow safely all day long.  Included in this package is the Monster Diesel Exhaust either single or dual exit which safely clears the spare tire.  With its 4″ constant diameter stainless-steel system of pipes your truck’s exhaust is going to be flowing up to 122% more efficiently.  The system almost completely gets rid of backpressure while retaining a nice, powerful exhaust sound.

The Banks Ram-Air Intake system is leagues above the stock models with huge increases in airflow.  Thanks to the system’s huge filter area, you’ll get both an increased airflow and you won’t have to clean your air filter as often.  The Ram-Air intake system is unique in that it comes with an exclusive 4 1/2″ flexible bellows that moves along with engine movement; which prevents damage to your other systems.

To further improve your truck’s flow throughout other areas there’s the Techni-Cooler intercooler system and the Monster-Ram.  With the Techni-Cooler’s large 3 1/2″ boost tubes and more efficient aluminum end-tank design, your vehicle will be receiving reductions in boost power loss.  Its thicker core has a 27% increase in flow volume while dramatically increasing the flow of denser air for a more continuous power source.  The Monster-Ram is designed to be larger and more aerodynamic than stock models, which helps improve the flow of oxygen-rich air (dense air) into your truck’s cylinders.  This system instantly delivers torque and enhances your truck’s fuel efficiency.

The included Monster Muffler is constructed with a 4″ straight through diameter flow path, polished stainless-steel design.  This efficient system helps improve the airflow by up to 201% better than the stock versions.  Also included in this package is the BigHead Wastegate Actuator that helps deliver more top-end power.  It does this by keeping the seat sealed long enough to build up a larger boost and the ability to sustain that larger boost longer.  This system also provides your truck with a huge amount of torque straight-away from idle.

To tune and control all these systems, there’s no better diesel tuner combo than the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ.  These two components allow a vast amount of control over your systems and makes it easier than ever.  With a bunch of different modes and settings to adjust, you’ll get the perfect experience you need for your diesel.  So go ahead and check out some more information on this product online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.

Stinger System

One thing that Banks Power sure has a lot of is good deals on huge parts packages.  For example, take into account the Banks Power Single Exhaust Stinger System, with that many upgrades installed onto your 2003-2004 6.0L Ford Powerstroke F-250, F-350 – Standard Cab Long Bed, your vehicle will be able to handle the toughest of towing jobs without breaking a sweat.

First up on our review of all the systems included in this deal is the Banks Ram-Air Intake System that out powers all other aftermarket models and flows up to 38% more efficiently than the stock variety.  With its dome-shaped, cotton gauze filter, the system flows a lot more freely than the regular paper ones.  It has a streamlined design to enhance the flow of exhaust, free of sharp bends and corners.

Next up is a decision by you: to go with either a dual exit or single exit exhaust system for your diesel vehicle.  Both systems are designed using the same Mandrel-bending techniques to enhance flow but the duals will improve your exhaust flow a bit.  The main appeal of the dual exit exhaust system is the cosmetic appeal of a symmetrical system of pipes on your truck.

Then comes the EconoMind Diesel Tuner & Banks iQ, which allow you to perform the most minute tweaks to your vehicle’s boost adding up to 100 horsepower and 175 torque, controlling all of this with the large 5″ touchscreen display of the iQ.  The iQ is more, however, than merely a remote; the dashboard PC comes equipped with GPS systems, multimedia recognition software(mp3, videos, and games), as well as the ability to use the internet and take your iQ with you outside of your car.

Finally, included is the Monster Muffler which flows up to 201% better than the stock models.  They are designed with a 4″ diameter polished-stainless-steel flow path that has an exclusive expansion chamber that does away with the troublesome middle-range drone.

So what’s stopping you from getting this huge comprehensive package of top-of-the-line products?  With all these separate components coming together to positively change your diesel’s output than you have no other ulterior motives.  Head online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.

Banks Power Pack

If you’re looking to upgrade your diesel truck up to the next level in power than the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System built for the  2005-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke F-250, F-350 – Extended Cab Short Bed, has all you need.  This system will deliver the greatest towing capacity by giving it a unique calibration and allowing it to haul heavy loads without over-stressing the engine.  Not only that, but the system is great for your typical day of driving without a tow.  Improving your vehicle’s airflow from the intake through to the exhaust as well as increasing the density of the air reaching the engine which basically gets rid of backpressure, lowers your exhaust gas temperatures, improves your vehicle’s efficiency, and tunes the fuel.

Effectively ensuring your vehicle runs at its highest potential, the bevy of components included in the PowerPack System are very comprehensive.  First up there’s the Banks Ram-Air Intake System which flows up to 38% better than the stock models and its filter is easy to install and to access for cleaning unlike the stock models.  Included also is the High-Ram intake system delivers an up to 64% reduction in the loss of pressure.  Your vehicle will also enjoy both an improved acceleration and a greater fuel economy.

The exhaust system included in this package can be either the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust or the Monster Diesel Single Exhaust; your choice!  Both of them come with 4″ stainless-steel mandrel-bent constant-diameter pipes and a straight-through muffler help nearly double the airflow.  They cut backpressure, lower your exhaust gas temperatures, have a rich-throaty sound, and safely clear the spare tire.

To produce an enormous boost to both your vehicle’s torque and horsepower is the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and to control it, the Banks iQ.  This team provides some highly advanced tuning for both towing and work load outs.  Some of the improvements’ statistics are an increase of horsepower by 100 and a boost of 175 torque to the rear wheels.  The system comes with a built-in safety as well as easily adjustable power and fuel economy features controlled by a large 5″ touch screen panel.

The last two components of this huge package are the Techni-Cooler and Monster Muffler.  Your Ford’s Powerstroke is going to have a hugely improved airflow throughout its systems.  With the streamlined designs and boost of power, your car’s engine is going to be degrees cooler than if it had stock or other aftermarket systems connected.

If this testimony of the Banks Power Dual Exhaust System didn’t answer all of your questions than be sure to do some research of your own online at Banks Power Products or call at 714-848-2170.

banks tuner

Are you looking for a way to increase your horsepower, torque, and get better fuel economy at the same time. Well there are many aftermarket products that can help you with that, such as a new exhaust system, air intake systems, or tuners,  and Banks Power Products offers all of them. Obviously the first thing that is recommended that you do is get a new exhaust system or air intake system, this will also help if you add any other aftermarket products that significantly increase your power. If you have already gotten those new systems than the next thing that you can do is purchase a new tuner, tuners are calibrated to help you get better fuel economy and give your vehicle some extra power. And I know of one company that sells some of the best and safest tuners out there, that’s right Banks does. The tuners that Banks offers are the Economind, Six-Gun, and Big Hoss and they all offer different advantages.

A great example of the Economind tuner is the Banks Power Economind Diesel Tuner for a 2007.5-2010 6.6L GM Duramax LMM Diesel Truck with PowerPack Calibration With Switch. This system has been calibrated for the PowerPack system, and will give you gains of 100 horsepower (HP) and 239 lbs of torque and help improve durability and fuel efficiency, which is very good since diesel prices only seem to be rising. The Economind was engineered with fuel economy and power in mind, this is a perfect tuner for those who tow or haul heavy loads. And unlike most tuners that reduce fuel delivery when EGT’s rise to protect the engine, but they always forget about the powertrain. Not Banks’ Economind detects when the engine and powertrain are at their limits then activates ActiveSafety safeguards to protect both the engine and powertrain.

Now onto the Six-Gun diesel tuner, a good example of it is the Banks Power Six-Gun Diesel Tuner for a 2008-2010 6.4L Ford Powerstorke Diesel Truck With Switch. This is one of the best tuners for your Ford Powerstroke that will give you a ton of power without hurting the engine. With gains of up to 95 horsepower (HP) and 180 lbs of torque, not to mention you can also get the Speed Loader upgrade that can boost your HP up another 40, this is a racers paradise! With all of the added power that this tuner provides it will actually cut about 12% of the time it takes you to get from 0-60 mph, which again if your someone who likes to race this is perfect for you. Like all of Banks’ tuners the Six-Gun activates ActiveSafety safeguards to protect both the engine and powertrain when it detects that they have reached their limit. Unlike most tuners that will reduce fuel delivery when EGT’s rise to only protect the engine.

The Big Hoss diesel tuner is mainly for older model diesel trucks, but this does not mean that it still doesn’t offer you a vast increase in power. A good example is the Banks Power Big Hoss Diesel Tuner for a  2002 5.9L Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck. You can get gains of 70 horsepower and 180 lbs of torque, which just the right amount of power needed for you vehicle. Not to mention increased fuel economy, which is great if you like saving money on diesel. It also comes with built-in torque converter clutch protection, this means that when the signal is sent, added fuel is stopped to help prevent clutch slippage. The tuner is also completely compatible with all of the DynaFact electronic gauges, and if a Pyrometer is being used the tuner will automatically enable a temperature limiting control feature to keep exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) in a safe range.

If you have any questions about the tuners that are available for your diesel vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 714-848-2170, or you can check out the products that Banks Power Products can offer you online. As a tip, when using the website try using the search function located at the top left corner, for a more precise search.

banks powerpack system

Banks Power Products offers some of the best aftermarket products for your diesel and/or gas truck. They specialize in many products from exhaust systems, air intake systems, tuners, intercoolers, and dashboard PC’s. They also offer bundle systems that include other products that will work together to improve your overall performance of your vehicle. One of the bundle systems that Banks can offer you is the Banks PowerPack System, this system is available for many different year, make, and models of trucks. Some of the manufactures that it is available for is Ford, Dodge, GMC/Chevy so this means that no one gets left out. The PowerPack systems are the number one bundles to increase your horsepower (HP) as well as torque while letting your vehicle be street legal. You can get gains of up to 119 HP and 284 lbs of torque, along with added power your vehicle will be more durable and receive better fuel economy, which is a real good thing since diesel and gas prices have gone up in price.

An example of a Banks Power Dual PowerPack System is for a 2006-2007 6.6L GM Duramax LLY/LBZ (Diesel), Crew Cab Long Bed. This specific product provides gains of 100 horsepower and 193 lbs of torque, this is great for people who tow and/or haul heavy loads with their diesel truck. Like all of Banks exhaust pipes these have been Mandrel-Bent to allow for greater strength, Mandrel-bending means that a steel rod was inserted into the pipe while it was being bent, this also allows for better airflow and eliminates any “kinks” that occur from normal bending processes. This system also includes many other products besides the exhaust systems, such as a Ram-Air Intake System, Split Dual Monster Exhaust with the Monster High-Flow muffler, the Economind diesel tuner with Banks iQ dashboard PC, Techni-Cooler Intercooler assembly, and all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation. All of these products have been engineered to work side-by-side to maximize your power, and safely function within the limits of your engine and powertrain.

Like all of Banks’ products, this system has been put through an extensive amount of testing to make sure that it will be reliable and durable. They all start out as CAD software prototypes and tested digitally, then a physical prototype is produced and sent to the Flow Bench. After being flow tested it is dyno tested for any last-minute fine tuning and/ or adjusting. After all of that it is time for its last and most important test, field testing, this is to make sure that their product will not only outperform in the shop but in real world applications as well as making sure that the product will be reliable and durable. This is what sets Banks apart from other companies that will just build and ship their products without testing at all. If you have any questions that you would like answered then give us a call at 714-848-2170, or check out the other amazing products that Banks con offer you on Banks Power Products online website. Just as a tip, use the search function at the top left corner when looking for a Banks Power Dual PowerPack System on the website.