Duramax Dual Exhaust

If you’re interested in Dual Exhaust systems for Duramax engines, then maybe the Banks Power Dual Exhaust Six-Gun Bundle will catch your eye.  Coming in a bundle with more than just the exhaust system included, this pack is designed for a 2001-2004 6.6L GM Duramax pickup truck with a standard cab, long bed configuration with no catalytic converter.  With the name Banks in front of this product, you can be sure that this product will perform to the highest standards.

For a great price the Dual Exhaust Six-Gun Bundle will replace your stock system and its inefficient airflow that leads to a lower than desired power performance, with an open, free-flowing design boosting your systems airflow, the density of said air, and cutting your vehicle’s backpressure.  To balance this increased airflow, Banks came up with their own patented CleanTune technology that can double your horsepower and increase your torque by up to 84% without any black smoke.  This lends to an increase in the acceleration rate for the 0-60 MPH category by up to 33% and 200 feet faster than stock model equipped vehicles.

This bundle comes with the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust, the Banks Ram-Air Intake System, the Six-Gun Diesel Tuner with Banks iQ dashboard PC, the Monster Muffler and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  With the Six-Gun Diesel tuner in charge of your newly installed systems, you’ll be experiencing the most your vehicle can offer in terms of performance.  And to control this system is the Banks iQ dashboard PC that has an easy to read 5″ touchscreen panel.  With the ability to fully tune your vehicle at the palm of your hand with the Banks iQ, whether in your car or out, you’ll quickly be seeing the benefits of the Dual Exhaust System and its companion systems.

So if Banks’ line of Duramax Dual Exhaust systems interests you, be sure to go online at Banks Power Products and check out the other systems they offer.  Use the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen to find the part you’re looking for or call at 714-848-2170.


Truck Dual Exhaust

So you’ve found yourself scouring the internet to learn what’s the deal with dual exhaust systems.  You want to know how they differ from single exit exhaust and which one is better.  The long and the short of it is that Dual exhaust systems can provide a gain in horsepower but it has to be an actual Dual exhaust system and not just a single that branches into two exits.  Those fake dual exits are merely for cosmetic value as opposed to say the Banks Power Dual Monster Exhaust System, built for 2004-2008 4.6L, 5.4L Ford V6 & V8, which is great sounding due to its free-flowing, open design.

The Dual Monster exhaust system is constructed with heavy-duty stainless-steel and larger diameter mandrel-bent pipes.  These pipes bolt behind the catalytic converter and help cut backpressure by up to 79% and increase the flow by up to 138%, which provides for an increase of power, fuel efficiency, and longevity.  The system’s polished stainless-steel, straight-through design muffler outperforms stock models in terms of flow and has an excellent exhaust noise.  Due to the systems light-weight and direct-fit-system easy lock-on technology, this system will safely clear your spare tire and keeps your vehicle under Ford’s factory warranty and it comes with a Banks Lifetime Ltd. Warranty.

You can’t go wrong with any of Banks’ products and you can rely on their exhaust systems to make your truck feel like a hundred bucks.  When the Monster Exhaust system is combined with the Monster Muffler, you’ll experience a significant boost in air flow and efficiency.  All the Banks products are like a big team that can work together on their own but are most effective when working together.  Banks’ line of exhausts are all available as parts of huge car part bundles or instead separately if you already have started upgrading your vehicle.

So if this wasn’t enough information about single and dual exhaust ports for you than go online at Banks Power Products using the left-hand sided search bar or call at 714-848-2170.

dual exhaust system

Now when it comes to exhaust there is a choice between a single and/or dual exhaust systems. Now the number one most asked question is ” can dual exhaust systems be better than single”. Well I did some asking around and the answer is no, single and dual exhaust systems perform the same, unless it is for very high performance applications then it does perform slightly better, but other than that it’s just for looks. But hey sometimes looks is what counts and some vehicles look better with a dual exhaust system than with a single exhaust. And I know of one company that sells some of the best dual exhaust system, and that company would be Banks Power Products.

If you don’t know who Banks is by now you better start doing some research then, Banks makes some of the best aftermarket products on the market. It is true that there are companies that have products that give you more power, but Banks’ products are the most durable and won’t break on you or harm your engine some other companies products will. Well enough about their history, you want to know about the dual exhaust system that they offer.

An example of one of the dual exhaust systems is the Banks Power Monster Exhaust System for a 2007.5-2010 6.6L GM Duramax LMM Diesel Trucks with an Extended Cab Short Bed or Crew Cab Long Bed. It is made from 100% heavy-duty stainless steel with constant-diameter piping. Not to mention that the pipes have been Mandrel-Bent, this means that a steel rod was inserted while the product was being bent, this process provides better flow through, strength and eliminates the “kinks” from the normal bending processes. The exhaust comes with Banks’ patented CoolCuff design that when tested had exhaust temps up to 400 degrees cooler than any other aftermarket exhausts, actually the other exhaust actually higher Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’s) than stock. This product is designed to dramatically increase the airflow, and due to the increased airflow backpressure has become history which allows for cooler operating temperatures. There is also no need to remove the spare tire (unlike other exhaust systems) because the pipes safely clear it, so you get to keep the extra tire for emergency situations. The polished straight-through muffler not only improves airflow but also gets rid of the annoying droning sound produced from your stock muffler and replaces it with a more pleasant yet still authoritative tone.

One of the best things about Banks’ products is that you will never have to worry about reliability. All the products start out as a CAD software prototype and are tested digitally, then a physical prototype is produced and sent to the Flow Bench to be flow tested. After flow testing it is sent to be tested on the dyno for any last-minute fine tuning and adjustments. Now the product is ready for its last and most important test, field testing, this is to make sure that their product not only outperforms in the shop but in real world applications, as well as being reliable and durable.

Now what are you waiting for! Go out and get your diesel truck a new dual exhaust system, your performance will improve and just look plain cool. For any questions that you may have on any of the other products that Banks offers call us at 714-848-2170, or check out Banks Power Products online.