Workhorse Motorhome

Banks Power has such a large variety of performance enhancing equipment that it can be a bit overwhelming to the average consumer just wanting to learn more about, say, an intercooler or exhaust system.  Thanks to these blogs though we wish to offer easy-to-find information about Banks products.  So in this blog we’ll be discussing the different products Banks offers for Workhorse motor homes, starting with the Banks Power Single Exhaust PowerPack System built for a 2005-2008 8.1L GM Workhorse W-24 Chassis Motor home without a EGR System and equipped with a Allison push button automatic transmission and a passenger side tailpipe exit.

This complete package for your workhorse comes with a Banks Ram-Air Intake System, the OttoMind handheld tuner, and the TorqueTubes Manifold Assembly.  This combination of parts come together to give your vehicle gains of up to 70 horsepower and 92 torque for the rear-wheels, as well as a vastly improved fuel economy while never requiring high octane.  The Ram-Air intake system improves upon stock intake system with an increase of up to 66% better airflow.  It gets rid of obstructions in the intake so that more cool and dense air can reach the cylinders.  The OttoMind programmer allows you to match to airflow improvements, the fuel curve for bringing together a clear responsiveness.  The TorqueTubes’ design is a step beyond the stock models with 1/2″ thick flanges that are welded onto both sides of the tubes and then are made perfectly flat ensuring they never crack or break.

With all the parts you need to amp up your Workhorse Motorhome to maximum power, Banks has you covered.  The comprehensive PowerPack system comes with massive gains for a small price.  The biggest price paid here is if you don’t get these products installed and allow faulty stock parts to damage your engine.  Banks doesn’t rely on the cheap manufacture of its goods, so you can always be safe say that they are the best in the aftermarket.  If you wish to do some more research of your own on Banks products or you simply want to make a purchase, go online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.