Banks Transcommand

If you own a Ford truck or van manufactured after 1989 then you might find yourself concerned with slips in the transmission and the softer shifts it goes through.  Designed for your 1997-2005 Ford Powerstroke with 4R100 or E4OD automatic transmission, the Banks Power TransCommand was designed to steer your vehicle away from the car-like shifts it goes though.  The TransCommand is a computer that manages your automatic transmission, sensing your vehicle’s tow load and balancing the hydraulic pressure in the transmission accordingly.  Your vehicle’s light-throttle shifts will perform in a smooth but firm way while using the full-throttle will see it using a solid, decisive shift eliminating clutch slippage and extending your transmission’s lifetime.  The system was built with easy to install, high temperature, solid-state components.

The electronic engine control, or EEC, built into your vehicle to moderate the electronic pressure valve, or EPV, will usually not synchronize with an added Banks installation therefore leading to clutch slippage and damaging your transmission.  Your safest bet is to install the TransCommand which will increase the hydraulic pressure when it senses the EEC doing so by a certain percentage.  The TransCommand takes into consideration your vehicle’s load and calculates this into the added hydraulic pressure.  An added bonus of decreasing your vehicle’s clutch slip is an improved acceleration rate.

But that isn’t to say that the only reason to install the Banks Power TransCommand is if you have installed Banks products on your vehicle already.  You can install it to improve your clutch shift no matter what as long as your vehicle has a E4OD or 4R100 automatic transmission; gas or diesel.  The fact is that the system will extend your transmission’s life and reduce its maintenance time and expenses.  Why go through the pain of installing a new transmission into your vehicle when you could install the TransCommand and forgo that huge price.

The system is quickly installed in 10-15 minutes and includes a bypass plug that can return your Ford to factory conditions should anything go wrong.  With all the pluses this system provides, it should be a no-brainer to get a Banks Power TransCommand for yourself.  So go pick one up online at Banks Power Products using the left hand side search bar or call 714-848-2170.


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