Banks Power Pack

If you’re looking to upgrade your diesel truck up to the next level in power than the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System built for the  2005-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke F-250, F-350 – Extended Cab Short Bed, has all you need.  This system will deliver the greatest towing capacity by giving it a unique calibration and allowing it to haul heavy loads without over-stressing the engine.  Not only that, but the system is great for your typical day of driving without a tow.  Improving your vehicle’s airflow from the intake through to the exhaust as well as increasing the density of the air reaching the engine which basically gets rid of backpressure, lowers your exhaust gas temperatures, improves your vehicle’s efficiency, and tunes the fuel.

Effectively ensuring your vehicle runs at its highest potential, the bevy of components included in the PowerPack System are very comprehensive.  First up there’s the Banks Ram-Air Intake System which flows up to 38% better than the stock models and its filter is easy to install and to access for cleaning unlike the stock models.  Included also is the High-Ram intake system delivers an up to 64% reduction in the loss of pressure.  Your vehicle will also enjoy both an improved acceleration and a greater fuel economy.

The exhaust system included in this package can be either the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust or the Monster Diesel Single Exhaust; your choice!  Both of them come with 4″ stainless-steel mandrel-bent constant-diameter pipes and a straight-through muffler help nearly double the airflow.  They cut backpressure, lower your exhaust gas temperatures, have a rich-throaty sound, and safely clear the spare tire.

To produce an enormous boost to both your vehicle’s torque and horsepower is the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and to control it, the Banks iQ.  This team provides some highly advanced tuning for both towing and work load outs.  Some of the improvements’ statistics are an increase of horsepower by 100 and a boost of 175 torque to the rear wheels.  The system comes with a built-in safety as well as easily adjustable power and fuel economy features controlled by a large 5″ touch screen panel.

The last two components of this huge package are the Techni-Cooler and Monster Muffler.  Your Ford’s Powerstroke is going to have a hugely improved airflow throughout its systems.  With the streamlined designs and boost of power, your car’s engine is going to be degrees cooler than if it had stock or other aftermarket systems connected.

If this testimony of the Banks Power Dual Exhaust System didn’t answer all of your questions than be sure to do some research of your own online at Banks Power Products or call at 714-848-2170.


banks power gas

So you have a gas truck and you’re looking to get some aftermarket products for it.  Well you’ve heard from your friends that Banks makes some of the best products, but they all have diesel trucks and they tell you that Banks only makes parts for diesels.  Well that is nothing but a big fat lie!  True, Banks primarily make parts for diesels, but they haven’t forgotten about your gas truck either.  I hope now your mind is at ease now that you can get your hands on some of the best aftermarket products  out there.  Now I bet you’re wondering “what products do they make?”  Well I’ll tell you, they make some fantastic exhaust systems, intake systems and much more.

If you want one of the best air intake systems then look no further than Banks.  Their intake systems are some of the best on the market, very few can even compare.  An example is the Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System for a 2009-2011 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L GM Gas Truck with Electric Fan.  This system greatly increases the flow of cold, dense air as well as help keeping out hot and underpowered air.  This actually helps give your vehicle with more power, because colder air is much more dense and allows for more pressure.  The way this system allows for this to happen is due to the intakes unique enclosed housing design unlike other stock intakes that have an opening near the side of the fender where most of the hot air likes to reside.  Also another key difference is the large air filter which is made of very durable material and doesn’t need to be replaced just cleaned every 30,000 miles to ensure maximum performance unlike your stock filter which is small, made of very cheap material and needs replacing regularly.  Combine this with the Banks Power Super-Scoop and your engine will be gaining maximum power due to all the oxygen being blown through the intake.  The Super-Scoop under the front of your vehicle’s bumper and is ideal in pumping tons of oxygen/cool air lowering your car’s temperature and improving gas mileage.

An exhaust system you might want to check out for your gas-powered vehicle would be the Banks Power Single Exhaust PowerPack System built for the 1987-1989 7.5L EFI Ford Pickup.  Some of the features of this exhaust system include an increased horsepower performance of up to 68, an increase in torque performance of up to 94, and an increased fuel economy along with a better durability.  The system comes with all of the following: the above mentioned Banks Ram-Air filter system with service kit, TorqueTubes manifold assembly, all the required hardware and clamps for installation, and lastly of course the single Monster exhaust system with the Monster high-flow muffler.

There are plenty more Banks Power Products out there for your gas-powered vehicle so be sure to go online and check them out at Banks Power Products using the search bar located on the left side of the screen or you can also call the number 714-848-2170.

Banks Super-Scoop

If you’ve already purchased the Banks Ram-Air Intake System then you’ve already taken a big step forward to improving your engine’s power and fuel economy.  To further your vehicles’ advancement beyond stock models, a great idea would be to invest in a Banks Super-Scoop  (built for the 2007.5-2010 GMC Duramax LMM) add-on to your Banks Intake System.  With the ability to effectively cycle in cooler air into your intake and then through to your engine, the Banks system is far and beyond the other guys’ products.  The stock models filter in warm air since their airflow is restricted by the fender which essentially kills power along with the intake systems poorly designed air filter needing far more maintenance and impeding the airflow to the engine.

With the vastly improved filter that comes with the Ram-Air Intake System combined with the funneling power of the Super-Scoop, your engine is going to be a lot cooler.  The Super-Scoop’s front side installation allows all the air hitting your car to be sucked in while filtering out debris and rain water through holes in the bottom.  And as I’m sure you know, the more air you get into your engine means more oxygen to burn, leading to a more efficient combustion and greater power.  Other pluses to think about when considering adding the Super-Scoop to you Ram-Air Intake System is the more dense and cooler air being filtered through will lower your vehicles exhaust gas temperatures, reduce smoke and provide for a more efficient fuel economy.

The Ram-Air Intake System’s features only become better with the addition of the optional Super-Scoop, such features as a huge bellows, a giant lifetime filter, and a high-flow, low-restriction outlet.  The huge bellows compensates for engine movement by being flexible and safeguards the turbo and engine with a very reliable service lifetime.  The low-restriction outlet is huge and allows all the cold air though increasing your vehicles’ power and mileage.  Lastly the lifetime filter has a very large filter surface area which maximizes high-flow filtration and requires fewer cleanings when compared to others.

To ensure your vehicle gets the mileage and power it deserves through cooler air, be sure to go pick up the Banks Super-Scoop attachment for your Banks Ram-Air Intake System.  The best place to do so would be online at Banks Power Products using the search bar on the left hand side of the screen or to call 714-848-2170.  So get out there and do what’s best for your diesel vehicle!