Exhaust Sport

If you find yourself looking for an efficient exhaust system for your 2001-2005 6.6L GM Duramax LB7, LLY Extended or Crew Cab Long Bed than look no further than Banks’ own Banks Power Sport Monster Exhaust System.  With an average install time of two hours, this exhaust system comes with the professional backing from one of the best automotive aftermarket parts out there, Banks Power.

Coming from Banks Power, you must be thinking to yourself, “just what sorts of advantages would I be getting, ordering a Banks product?”  Well you have to know that Banks proudly tests their products against their competition and against stock models, then provides this information readily for the consumer to compare for themselves.  With the information out there you can plainly see that Banks products are designed to blow away the competition in terms of improvements to your vehicle.

The Banks Power Sport Monster Exhaust System is no exception to this quality of production and the results it brings in.  For instance with this exhaust system installed, you’ll be experiencing cuts to your vehicle’s backpressure, an increase in the amount of exhaust flow, extra power to the rear-wheels, and an improved fuel economy.

This system’s pipes are constructed using mandrel-bending techniques with 4″ constant diameter stainless-steel and allow for the flow of up to 122% more exhaust.  The mandrel-bending technique allows for lower EGTs or exhaust gas temperatures.  You can choose (for some vehicles) to have either a single exit or a double exit, each of which are topped off with a double-wall polished stainless-steel tip.  This system easily clears the shocks, brake lines, and spare tires, can be customized to fit many different types of vehicles, and comes with all the necessary install equipment.

With all these pluses and benefits added on to a quality Banks product, including a lifetime warranty, there should be no question regarding the reliance of this system.  The only question that remains, rather is whether you’re interested in this exhaust system.  If you are, you can go online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen to research more about it or call at 714-848-2170.