Banks Speed Brake

The pinnacle of safety when it comes to towing large loads in your diesel either up or down-hill is the Banks Power SpeeBrake.  This blog will touch on the features of the 2007.5-2010 GM Duramax LMM model which also includes the Banks iQ-Dashboard PC.

With this system installed, you’ll feel much safer when going down-hill with heavy loads due to its easy adjustment of your vehicle’s brakes.  With this SpeedBrake installed, you can set a specific speed effectively slowing your vehicle up to 80%, and all this without even touching your brake pedal.  This helps keep your brakes cool for those emergency moments and essentially extends their life, preventing you from having to spend loads of money on replacements.

The ease of the SpeedBrake’s installation is one of its biggest draws; unlike the competition’s exhaust brakes which usually require cutting and tapping into vital wire-harnesses, the SpeedBrake is simply plugged in.  The SpeedBrake works along with your vehicle’s internal parts to give you the best braking without you having to rely on other pieces of hardware.  And thanks to the included Dashboard-PC, the SpeedBrake’s ease of installation translates over to its ease of use as well.  The Banks iQ has a 5″ touchscreen monitor that can be taken with you outside of the vehicle thanks to an internal battery.  With that huge easy to read screen, you can quickly adjust your vehicle’s calibrations through different modes and settings.

Cycling through the built-in levels of braking aggressiveness, you’ll find a high, medium, low, and an auto mode; each with a different level of braking power.  With the Auto on you can choose your own speed from 25-75 MPH; you even have the option of enabling the foot brake if that suits you more than the automatic setting.  The Banks iQ has plenty of alerts and status indicators to keep you in the know about your vehicle’s status.

With the Banks-iQ you can easily control your vehicle’s engine control unit or ECU, transmission, torque converter, and variable geometry turbo or VGT.  The SpeedBrake takes control of the VGT and varies its vane position to give you the best engine backpressure; it controls the gears to give you the best gear for any situation that comes up without raising your RPM.  The SpeedBrake will control and lock up the torque converter on its own to make sure that all braking force is sent through the transmission to the driving wheels to maximize effectiveness.  And lastly, only the SpeedBrake takes communications from ECU meant for the the VGT, transmission and torque converter, and alters them to give the best performance in your vehicle’s brakes.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate peace of mind while you’re towing large loads in your diesel, then stop reading this and go order yourself a SpeedBrake system online at Banks Power Products or call the number 714-848-2170.


Speed Brake

Have you ever found yourself towing a large load in your diesel truck and when you started going down a hill just feeling unsafe with your vehicle’s acceleration?  Then be sure to pick up the Banks Power SpeedBrake, the most reliable and easiest to install electronic brake out there.  I’ll be specifically addressing the SpeedBrake designed for the 2007.5-2010 6.6L GM Duramax LMM just to clarify.  Coming in this great package is the Banks iQ-Dashboard PC that allows you to easily control the system with a simple touch-screen interface.  The SpeedBrake helps prolong the life of your vehicle’s brakes and vastly increase their stopping power and reducing downhill speed by up to 80%.  Coming along with the ease of use is the simplicity of installation requiring no cutting and welding; all you have to do is plug it in!  The Banks Power SpeedBrake is constantly working with your vehicles systems and never requiring any maintenance unlike the competition.

The SpeedBrake comes with an incomparable amount of customization options in the way of different modes.  Enabling on mode lets you select between high, medium, or braking aggressiveness levels.  You can set it to Auto Mode to pick and stay at a specific downhill speed between 25-75 MPH.  You can also enable the Foot Brake Activation or not depending on your vehicle load or preferences.

The SpeedBrake has been thoroughly tested by experts against stock brakes and other company’s products and surpassed all of them significantly.  The competition’s exhaust brakes in most cases even sped up the vehicle’s descent to a very unsafe speed.  Between the vehicle’s Auto and Manual modes the device performs miraculously allowing for customized speeds and easy slow down.  You’ll never be afraid again going downhill with a large load as the Banks SpeedBrake will keep you and your vehicle at a safe and constant, unwavering speed.

The Banks iQ-Dashboard PC is a revolutionary piece of technology that so widely talented that it’d be unfair to constrict it’s abilities to solely an aid for your SpeedBrake usage. It comes packed with a bevy of features including a navigation system, constant communication with your vehicle, an entertainment center with the ability to: play games, watch movies or listen to music.  And those are just a small part of the functionality that this device offers.

Stop relying on your stock brakes or other company’s faulty designs and start feeling safe with the Banks SpeedBrake that will always deliver.  If you’re ready to order your own system be sure to check out Banks Power Products online using the search bar located at the left side of the screen or call 714-848-2170.