AutoMind Handheld Programmer

For those of you out there with upgraded systems in their diesel trucks, looking to get the best performance out your equipment, then you’re going to need a programmer for your vehicle.  Programmers for diesels are used to calibrate just the right settings on your systems to get the right power at the right times.  If you need to two a large load than the programmer will talk to your vehicle and adjust the settings to handle the extra weight, thereby not damaging any of the internal parts.  For a programmer that will get the job done right, check out the Banks Power AutoMind Handheld Programmer built for 1998-2010 Dodge Gas Trucks or 2003-2010 5.9L or 6.7L Dodge Cummins Diesel Trucks.

This cutting edge programmer is designed to work with either gas or diesel systems.  This system comes pre-programmed with software at different levels to compensate for different needs.  The system will redistribute power in the systems to give you the right power at the right times.  The calibration on-board is designed to give you the best performance power and MPG.  For an easier way to control the AutoMind, you might want to consider picking up the Banks iQ Dashboard PC.

Built with a 5″ easy to read touchscreen panel, the Banks iQ will feel right at home in your vehicle, as well as making you feel comfortable with your vehicle’s performance increases.  The iQ can help you track how much money you’ve spent on gas, to adjust the tuning on your vehicle’s systems, and even allows for the playback of videos, music, and games!  The Banks iQ is like a digital Swiss army knife with a large amount of features and functionality.  When combined with the AutoMind, your vehicle is going to experience gains of up to 154 horsepower and 318 torque (to the rear-wheels).

If the Banks Power AutoMind handheld programmer, Banks iQ, or any other Banks products seems interesting to you then go ahead and look into them or purchase one for your vehicle at Banks Power Products online by using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen to find what you’re looking for or call at 714-848-2170.


Duramax Sidewinder

If this is your first time looking to upgrade your 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins pickup truck with a crew cab long bed configuration without a catalytic converter equipped Diesel engine with some aftermarket parts, then you came to the right place.  The number one name in great aftermarket diesel parts is Banks Power because they consistently produce efficient hardware that always stacks up against all competition and stock systems.  For your Dodge Cummins, might I suggest giving the affordable Banks Power Dual Exhaust Stinger System some of your consideration.

The Dual Exhaust Stinger System will greatly enhance your trucks capabilities with the included Banks Ram-Air Intake system, the Monster Diesel Duals or Single Exhaust, the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ Dashboard PC, the Monster Muffler, and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  You’ll be experiencing gains to your vehicle’s horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, and a cut to the backpressure.  This bundle is designed to optimize your trucks towing and work load performance with 75 horsepower and 175 torque, that’s all easily adjustable using the Banks iQ’s easy to read 5″ touchscreen monitor to control the EconoMind Diesel Tuner.

With the Banks Ram-Air intake system installed your truck’s airflow is going to be cooler, more efficiently filtered, and just flow faster and easier.  The large filter area lends itself to a reduction in the amount of cleanings and is also backed by a lifetime guarantee of service.  Your exhaust is going to be flowing up to 122% more efficiently than stock models with the Monster Exhaust System as well as having a nice sounding exhaust. You’ll also be getting more powerful boosts and sustain them for longer periods of time with the BigHead Wastegate Actuator keeping the valve’s seat down long enough.

If the Duramax Sidewinder system sounds like it could be greatly benefiting your truck or you simply want to look up some other Banks products then be sure to go online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.

Banks Power Package

So this summer your family wants to test out your new 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel pickup truck with a crew cab long bed configuration without a catalytic converter equipped, by towing the motor home out to the desert for a few weeks.  You’re a bit worried that your truck isn’t going to perform as well as you want so you’ve looked up some aftermarket upgrades.  Well the best solution to this little towing problem is to go ahead and install the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System which was built for both work and towing situations.

With great enhances in horsepower and torque through all the different included systems your truck will be able to tow safely all day long.  Included in this package is the Monster Diesel Exhaust either single or dual exit which safely clears the spare tire.  With its 4″ constant diameter stainless-steel system of pipes your truck’s exhaust is going to be flowing up to 122% more efficiently.  The system almost completely gets rid of backpressure while retaining a nice, powerful exhaust sound.

The Banks Ram-Air Intake system is leagues above the stock models with huge increases in airflow.  Thanks to the system’s huge filter area, you’ll get both an increased airflow and you won’t have to clean your air filter as often.  The Ram-Air intake system is unique in that it comes with an exclusive 4 1/2″ flexible bellows that moves along with engine movement; which prevents damage to your other systems.

To further improve your truck’s flow throughout other areas there’s the Techni-Cooler intercooler system and the Monster-Ram.  With the Techni-Cooler’s large 3 1/2″ boost tubes and more efficient aluminum end-tank design, your vehicle will be receiving reductions in boost power loss.  Its thicker core has a 27% increase in flow volume while dramatically increasing the flow of denser air for a more continuous power source.  The Monster-Ram is designed to be larger and more aerodynamic than stock models, which helps improve the flow of oxygen-rich air (dense air) into your truck’s cylinders.  This system instantly delivers torque and enhances your truck’s fuel efficiency.

The included Monster Muffler is constructed with a 4″ straight through diameter flow path, polished stainless-steel design.  This efficient system helps improve the airflow by up to 201% better than the stock versions.  Also included in this package is the BigHead Wastegate Actuator that helps deliver more top-end power.  It does this by keeping the seat sealed long enough to build up a larger boost and the ability to sustain that larger boost longer.  This system also provides your truck with a huge amount of torque straight-away from idle.

To tune and control all these systems, there’s no better diesel tuner combo than the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ.  These two components allow a vast amount of control over your systems and makes it easier than ever.  With a bunch of different modes and settings to adjust, you’ll get the perfect experience you need for your diesel.  So go ahead and check out some more information on this product online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.

Banks Speed Brake

The pinnacle of safety when it comes to towing large loads in your diesel either up or down-hill is the Banks Power SpeeBrake.  This blog will touch on the features of the 2007.5-2010 GM Duramax LMM model which also includes the Banks iQ-Dashboard PC.

With this system installed, you’ll feel much safer when going down-hill with heavy loads due to its easy adjustment of your vehicle’s brakes.  With this SpeedBrake installed, you can set a specific speed effectively slowing your vehicle up to 80%, and all this without even touching your brake pedal.  This helps keep your brakes cool for those emergency moments and essentially extends their life, preventing you from having to spend loads of money on replacements.

The ease of the SpeedBrake’s installation is one of its biggest draws; unlike the competition’s exhaust brakes which usually require cutting and tapping into vital wire-harnesses, the SpeedBrake is simply plugged in.  The SpeedBrake works along with your vehicle’s internal parts to give you the best braking without you having to rely on other pieces of hardware.  And thanks to the included Dashboard-PC, the SpeedBrake’s ease of installation translates over to its ease of use as well.  The Banks iQ has a 5″ touchscreen monitor that can be taken with you outside of the vehicle thanks to an internal battery.  With that huge easy to read screen, you can quickly adjust your vehicle’s calibrations through different modes and settings.

Cycling through the built-in levels of braking aggressiveness, you’ll find a high, medium, low, and an auto mode; each with a different level of braking power.  With the Auto on you can choose your own speed from 25-75 MPH; you even have the option of enabling the foot brake if that suits you more than the automatic setting.  The Banks iQ has plenty of alerts and status indicators to keep you in the know about your vehicle’s status.

With the Banks-iQ you can easily control your vehicle’s engine control unit or ECU, transmission, torque converter, and variable geometry turbo or VGT.  The SpeedBrake takes control of the VGT and varies its vane position to give you the best engine backpressure; it controls the gears to give you the best gear for any situation that comes up without raising your RPM.  The SpeedBrake will control and lock up the torque converter on its own to make sure that all braking force is sent through the transmission to the driving wheels to maximize effectiveness.  And lastly, only the SpeedBrake takes communications from ECU meant for the the VGT, transmission and torque converter, and alters them to give the best performance in your vehicle’s brakes.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate peace of mind while you’re towing large loads in your diesel, then stop reading this and go order yourself a SpeedBrake system online at Banks Power Products or call the number 714-848-2170.

Big Hoss Duramax

If you’re looking to fully upgrade your Duramax into the racing group, then there’s only one name when it comes to reliable diesel systems, and that would be Banks Power, and Banks’ brand of racing parts is Big Hoss.  If you are looking for an intake manifold for a  2001-2009 6.6L GM Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM vehicle, than you should check out the Banks Power Big Hoss Intake Manifold System.  This specially designed, race-performance component was tested out on the Banks Duramax Sidewinder S-10 drag racing diesel truck and is the only purpose-built manifold for the Duramax.  This system provides a deliverance of increased boost power at every level due to its tuned 16-port manifold assembly, as opposed to the stock models’ crude clam shell design.  But just to be clear this system is only for racing applications and requires alteration of the hood during installation.

For the greatest in customization options and a bevy of different upgrade, be sure to check out the Banks Power Dual Exhaust Big Hoss Bundle.  Packaged with a dual or single exit exhaust system, an intake system, a diesel tuner, a muffler, a wastegate actuator and an intercooler system; the Big Hoss Bundle has it all.  With the Monster Diesel Exhaust, your diesel’s backpressure is going to be reduced by up to 98% which lead to an increase in power and lower exhaust gas temperatures.  The Banks Ram-Air Intake System will improve your airflow by up to 57% due to its enclosed housing.  The Monster Muffler flows up to 201% better than stock models due to its 4″ diameter flow path.  The BigHead Wastegate Actuator prevents your exhaust from prematurely blowing the seat thereby achieving a higher level of boost, sooner with the ability to retain and control it.  The Techni-Cooler Intercooler System increases your vehicle’s capacity for power due to its 34% increased flow area which increases the amount of dense air. To adjust and control all the settings of your vehicle and its new systems, that’s where the Six-Gun Diesel Tuner & Banks iQ come in; providing ultimate control in the palm of your hand.

So if Banks’ Big Hoss line of performance enhancing products has caught your interest then be sure to do research of your own online by using the search bar on Banks Power Products or by calling 714-848-2170.

Banks Exhaust System

If you’ve recently taken an interest in upgrading your car by installing aftermarket parts than have I got the company for you.  They’re called Bank Power and they have to best deals on quality aftermarket diesel parts.  A vital system you’ll want to replace is your vehicle’s exhaust system, so let’s say that you’re going for the ultimate towing package for your 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel pickup truck with a crew cab/long bed configuration without a catalytic converter equipped.  Well the best exhaust system you could find would  be the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System, the best engineered power system for both work and towing applications.  This package comes fully equipped with intake, turbo, exhaust, fuel tuning, and intercooling upgrades for your Cummins engine.

This system allows for a boost in power including an addition of 100 horsepower and 235 rear wheel torque.  To control this boost of power levels comes the Banks iQ, a handy little device with huge amounts of potential.  With its large 5″ touchscreen monitor, this dashboard PC allows quick and easy adjustment of your vehicle’s systems.  With the intake, exhaust, tuner, intercooler, muffler, actuator systems included, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal for your diesel upgrades.

But let’s say you’re just looking for an exhaust system and you already have all the other necessary upgrades, then you should check out the Banks Power Dual Monster Exhaust System.  With its nice sounding, open, and free-flowing design, this exhaust system is ideal for the 2007-2009 6.7L Dodge Cummins pickup with any cab or bed configuration.  This system is split with single tips at each end, but if you’re not into the cosmetic side of these exhaust systems then you can also pick-up a single exit version.  This system will cut your vehicle’s backpressure, improve its airflow significantly, and safely clears the shocks, spare tire, and brake lines.

Another exhaust system offered by Banks is the Banks Power Single Monster Exhaust System built to upgrade a 2011 6.7L Ford Powerstroke pickup with a crew cab, short or long bed configuration.  This particular design is for the single exit exhaust but like the previous model, it comes in two variations including the dual exit exhaust system.  These parts are constructed with 4″ diameter stainless-steel Diesel Particulate Filter-backed system that has constant-diameter tailpipes and intermediate pipes.  Designed with the exclusive CoolCuff method, the tailpipe’s temperatures are lower than stock; increasing the flow and negating backpressure.

So no matter what kind of diesel vehicle you have, Banks Power has the right part for your situation at great deals.  So go ahead and do some more research or make a purchase if you’re ready, online at Banks Power Products using the left-hand side search bar or by calling 714-848-2170.

Bullet Diesel

Tuning your vehicle  for optimal fuel consumption can lead to a wide variety of different available tuners to consider trying.  For instance the Banks Power Bullet Diesel Tuner designed for the 2001-2004 6.6L GM Duramax LB7, is the most ideal, compact, and easy to use tuner available.

Affixing itself with ease to most 2 1/16″ gauge pods and is packaged with both the lead wire and an exhaust gas temperature probe.  These components are needed to get the proper exhaust gas temperatures, and help this system make a gain of 60 to horsepower and 100 torque for the rear-wheels.

With an average install time of only 3 hours, the Bullet Diesel Tuner is 2″ of easy use tuning.  Also available is an optional pillar-mount console for looks really to show-off your new gauge.

The system comes with 3 built-in power levels which are: tow, sport, and stock.  Setting the system to Tow will add about 30 horsepower while sport adds up to 60 horsepower.  All of these different power settings are very easy to adjust when you want!  As well as adjusting your vehicle’s power levels, the Bullet Diesel Tuner allows for the monitoring of your vehicle’s boost levels, the fuel economy for that particular boost level, as well as the exhaust gas temperatures or EGTs for short.

With the Digital Boost Gauge functionality, you can set a particular level for the system to recognize and alert you if it reaches that level with a red light on the front of the gauge.  This level can be set anywhere in between 20-50 PSI which is adjustable in increments of 1.  The gauge can also monitor just how much your fuel economy has improved.  The stock option will always read as 100 and on the other setting any number higher than 100 indicates the percentage of increased gas; 160 meaning an increase of 60%.

For the monitoring of EGT levels your system requires a thermocouple upgrade, which will give the Bullet Diesel Tuner adjustable temperature limiting control.  You can preserve your engine’s health through this control by setting a temperature limit.  The fueling limits that can be imposed range from 800-1500° and are adjustable in increments of 50.  The visual alarm on the front of the gauge will alert you if the EGT limit is surpassed by 50°.

For the most efficient diesel tuner that doubles as a gauge for monitoring your vehicle, be sure to get the Banks Power Bullet Diesel Tuner.  To look up more information on this tuner be sure to go online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located on the left-hand side of the screen or call as 714-848-2170.