Banks Power Products for Lincoln Gas Trucks

2004-08 Lincoln V-6 and V-8

Banks Power Products can offer you some fantastic aftermarket products for your Lincoln gas truck, from exhaust systems to air intake systems. A great example of one of the exhaust systems Banks can offer you is the Banks Dual Monster Exhaust System for a 2004-2008 4.6L, 5.4L Ford V6 & V8 (Gas), F-150 Pickup & Lincoln Mark LT Extended Cab Long Bed. This system is made from 100% heavy-duty stainless steel with constant diameter piping along with a polished straight through muffler that greatly increases airflow, which will produce a pleasant yet authoritative tone, unlike stock any stock systems. It has been designed to cut backpressure by up to 79% and increase flow up to 138%! This promotes an increase in power, longevity, and fuel economy, which is just fantastic since gas prices don’t seem to be going down anytime soon. The pipes have also been Mandrel-bent, this means that a steel rod was inserted while the product was being bent, this process allows for the product to flow better, be more durable, and get rid of any “kinks” that the normal bending process produces. Like all of Banks’ products, this product has been put through a great amount of testing to produce a durable and reliable product that will outperform others. It first started at as a CAD software prototype and was tested digitally, then a physical prototype is created and sent off to be tested on the flow bench. After passing the flow test it is sent to be tested on the dyno for any last minute fine tuning and adjustments. When it passes the dyno, it is time for it’s last and most important test, field testing! They put the product on a vehicle to make sure it doesn’t just outperform in the shop but in real world applications as well as proving it’s reliability and durability.

Banks also makes one of the best aftermarket air intake systems out on the market right now, very few can even come close to matching the efficiency of it. An example of their intake systems is the Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System for a 2004-2008 5.4L V-8 Ford F-150 Pickup. The unique enclosed housing design actually helps to keep hot, underpowered air from entering and promotes better flow of cold, dense air that will add some extra power and better fuel economy (mpg’s) to your vehicle. When being dyno tested against other stock intake systems, the Banks Ram-Air Intake System flowed up to 63% better than the stock system. Unlike stock filters that are small unreliable and constantly having to be cleaned, changed, or replaced. Banks’ air filter are made of heavy duty material that never needs changing or replacing, and since the filter is so large it helps maximize air filtration. The increased flow of colder air helps your engine run at a cooler temperature which will prevent overheating from occurring. As well from any unwanted component damage, all this damage prevention will help extend the service life your vehicle. This intake system comes with a 5 year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the air filter itself. If you have any questions of any of Banks’ products give us a call at 714-848-2170, or check out Banks Power Products online.