Banks Power Products for Jeep

1991-2011 Jeep 4.0L, 3.8L and 2.5L

In the way of aftermarket products that you can purchase for your vehicle, Banks makes some of the best you can buy. Banks Power Products is one of the leaders in aftermarket products and for good reasons too, their products are some of the most durable and reliable on the market. This is due to the extensive amount of testing they do before releasing their products, they all start out as CAD software designs and are tested digitally, when it passes a physical prototype is made and is sent to the flow bench to be flow tested. After passing being flow tested it is set off to be dyno tested for any last minute fine tuning and adjusting, after that is all finished it is put through it’s last and most important test, field testing, where they put their product on an actual vehicle and drive around with it. They do this to make sure that their product doesn’t just work in the shop but in the real world as well.

Banks Power Products can offer your 1991-2011 Jeep 4.0 L, 3.8L and 2.5L some really great aftermarket products, such as exhaust systems, air intake systems, and torque tube systems. A really good example of one of the exhaust systems that Banks can offer you is the Banks Power Single Exhaust Stinger System for a 2007-2011 3.8L 2-Door, gas Jeep Wrangler. This specific exhaust system is designed for everyday street driving and off-road applications, it can give you an added 18 horsepower (hp) as well as an added 24 lbs of torque, it not only provides you with a boost of power but also gives your jeep an increase in fuel economy, which is a good thing since gas prices  seem to be increasing everyday. This stinger system also gets rid of any airflow restrictions to improve engine efficiency, durability and fuel economy. Due to the exhaust systems design it produces a pleasant yet still authoritative exhaust tone. This specific system comes with a Ram-Air intake system, Single Monster Exhaust with the Monster High-Flow muffler, along with all the needed hardware for an easy installation.

Another great aftermarket product you can purchase is the Banks Ram-Air Intake System. Just to let you know that the Banks Ram-Air intake system is one of the best intake systems that you can purchase, very few competitors can even come close to comparing. A good example of their intake systems is the Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System for a 2007-2011 2 Door or 4 Door 3.8L Gas Jeep Wrangler. The reason that Banks’ intake systems are so efficient is because of the unique enclosed housing design that helps keep out hot, underpowered air from entering but helps pull in more cold, dense air that will provide you with some more power. It outflows stock intakes by over 73%, and this is due to the enclosed housing and large outlet. Unlike stock air filters that are small, cheap, unreliable, and constantly needing to be replaced, Banks’ air filter is very large which attributes to it’s maximization of air flow, it is also made of a heavy-duty material that is reliable and never needs replacing, all it needs is some cleaning from time to time for maximum performance. This product also comes with a 5 year warranty and lifetime warranty on the air filter itself. For any questions you may have on these products give us a call at 714-848-2170, or check out Banks Power Products online.