Banks Power Products for GM Gas Motorhomes

If you have purchased a motorhome, you are obviously someone who likes to travel and wants to be able to see the countryside. Unfortunately Motorhomes don’t get the best mileage and with rising gas prices this can put a dampener on your chance to get to travel, and the stock systems don’t function as well as you’d like, not to mention the constant servicing they need. Well we just can’t have that can we, the best option that you can do would to be purchase aftermarket products to help improve the performance of your motorhome. But you are not sure of what company and or products to purchase, well that’s what I’m here for. I want to tell about some of the wonderful products that Banks Power Products can offer to help improve your driving experience. Banks can offer your motorhome new exhaust systems, air intake systems, handheld programmers, and torque tube assemblies.

One of the first aftermarket product that you should consider getting is an exhaust system, luckily for you Banks has some of the best exhaust systems out there. A good example of one of Banks exhaust systems is the Banks Power Single Exhaust PowerPack System for a 2005-2008 8.1L GM Workhorse Gas Motorhome, W-24 Chassis Allison Puch Button Transmission with No EGR Equipped Driver-Side Tailpipe Exit. In the ways of power and efficiency, this is one of the best exhaust systems you can buy, it gives your motorhome an added 51 horsepower (HP) as well as an added 68 lbs of torque. Not only does it give you all that extra power, but  it also gives you better fuel economy (mpg), so that means less time and money spent at the fuel pump and more time driving the open-road. The pipes are made out of 100% heavy-duty stainless steel so there is no need to worry about durability or reliability. This PowerPack system also comes with a bunch of other goodies such as an Ram-Air Intake System, Single Monster Exhaust with a Monster High-Flow muffler, TorquTube Assembly, and best of all, all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation. So in the way of exhaust systems I recommend this one because your gonna want power when tackling those pesky uphills, and the added fuel economy is a plus, not to mention the sheer reliability and durability of this system.

Another important aftermarket product that you should consider is a new air intake system, and that is one of Banks specialties. Banks makes some the best air intake systems on the market to date, very few can even compare to what Banks produces. A great example of one of their intake systems is the Banks Ram-Air Intake System for a 2001-2010 8.1L GM Workhorse Gas Motorhome W Series. The unique enclosed housing design helps keep out the hot, underpowered air from entering and at the same time allowing for more flow of cold, dense air to give your vehicle more power and better fuel economy. This increase in colder air will also allow your engine to run at cooler temperatures, this will help prevent any unwanted component damage or overheating. The intake system’s air filter is very large and made out of a heavy-duty material, and best of all never needs replacing just occasional cleaning from time to time for maximum air filtration. Unlike stock air filters that are small, made of cheap material, and are constantly needing to be changed, not to mention that they do not filter air very well. This system also comes with a 5 year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the air filter itself. Chances are you will never have to use the warranty since Banks’ products are so reliable and durable.

The greatest part of Banks’ products is their reliability, this is due to the extensive amount of testing they put their products through. All of their products start out as CAD software prototypes and tested digitally, after that a physical prototype is made and sent to the Flow Bench. After being flow tested it is sent to be dyno tested for any last minute fine tuning and adjustment, after the dyno it is time for its last and most important test, field testing, this is to make sure that their product won’t just out perform in the shop but in real world applications too and to ensure you that the product will be durable and reliable.

If you have any questions about the products that Banks can offer for your GM gas motorhome give us a call at 714-848-2170, or check out Banks Power Products online. Now what are you waiting for! go out there and get these upgrades so you can go and truly enjoy your motorhome to its fullest.