Banks Power Products for Cummins Diesel Motorhomes

Anyone who drives a motorhome knows how nerve wracking it can be to go uphill because of the constant downshifting, always having to stop to refuel, and always having to dread when merging onto a freeway. That is why it’s important to find good, durable, and reliable aftermarket products, to make your experience fun and a memory that is not filled with nervousness and frustration. Well that’s why I’m here to tell you about Banks Power Products, they can offer your motorhome with some truly wonderful aftermarket systems to help you actually enjoy your driving experience. They offer many products from air intake systems, exhaust systems, dashboard PC’s, tuners, and different gauges to help you monitor how everything is working on your motorhome.

A must have aftermarket product that you should consider getting is new torque converter. This is essential to get before adding more power to your motorhome because if you keep your stock converter on there is a greater risk of you harming your transmission, and when your transmission goes things are just going to go downhill from there. Luckily for you Banks offers one of the best torque converters out on the market to date, it is called the Banks Billet Torque Converter. A good example of the Banks Billet Torque Converter is one for a 1998-2010 Cummins Pusher Diesel Motorhome with Allison 2000 (automatic transmission only). The BBTC is made out of heavy-duty Billet steel that is slip-resistant unlike other stock torque converters that are cheap and even have rivets that are welded on. Due to the BBTC being slip-resistant, it doesn’t cause the clutch to slip which in turn causes less friction, so it allows the transmission fluid to stay at a cooler temperature. Since the transmission fluid is at a cooler temperature the transmission will be able to function more efficiently, prolonging the service life it. The BBTC was also built to match the Duramax’s torque band so this product will provide much needed power to your wheels which will help you brake more easy without any damage to the torque converter.

If your looking to improve the exhaust system on your motorhome Banks is still the company you want to be dealing with, they will provide you with the added power you need to drive more comfortably. A good example of a great exhaust system they can offer you is the Banks Power Single Exhaust PowerPack System for a 1998.5-2003 5.9L Dodge Cummins Diesel Motorhome, Allison MD3060 or MD3066 Auto Transmission 24 Valve Pusher Freightliner Chassis . This system includes a lot of extra goodies like a Quick-Turbo exhaust assembly, BigHead Wastegate assembly, High-Ram intake manifold, TransCommand Transmission Module, DynaFact Pyrometer with Boost Gauge Assembly. With all of these products you can achieve gains of 63 horsepower (HP) and 142 lbs of torque, this is just the right amount of power you need to traverse the country side. Not to mention better fuel economy up to 10% more than your stock system, which is great not just because you will be saving money on gas but you won’t have to stop so often at a pump, so you can get to where your going with no “hang-ups”.

Like with all of the Banks products, you won’t have to be concerned with reliability or durability. This is due to the extensive amount of testing that Banks puts into all of their products. All products start out as CAD software prototypes where they are tested digitally, after passing, a physical prototype is made and sent to the Flow Bench. After being flow tested it is sent to the dyno for any last minute adjusting or fine tuning, then it is sent over for it’s last and most important test, field testing, this is to ensure that their product doesn’t just outperform in the shop but in real world applications as well and to truly see how durable and reliable the product will be.

With having this knowledge now I hope you will make the smart choice and go with Banks for your aftermarket needs. Now go out there and travel the country side like you intended to do with your motorhome! If you have any questions on the products that Banks can offer you give us a call at 714-848-2170, or check out Banks Power Products online.