banks power elbow

When making any performance improvements on your vehicle it is important to purchase products that can correspond well with each other. A great example of this is the products that Banks offers, Banks is very famous about having their products work well with each other but not with other companies products. An example is the Banks Power Elbow Assembly, it is a great add-on to a Banks Monster Exhaust System, they just go hand-in-hand.

A good example of a power elbow is the Banks Power Elbow Assembly for a 2000-2003 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Diesel Excursion. The power elbow installs on your intake manifold right before the downpipe, providing you with a steadfast inlet for the exhaust pipes at the downward bend from your engine. This allows for a 40% decrease in the pipe backpressure, which allows for cooler operating temperatures. Along with lowering your Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’S) it also slightly increases your boost levels. The Banks Power Elbow Assembly is a great add-on for the Monster exhaust system if you didn’t purchase it in the bundle package, with all the components working together you will receive lower EGT’s, increased air flow, reduction in backpressure, and overall an increase in your vehicles service life.

With Banks you know that you are getting one of the most reliable and durable product out there. This is due to the amount of testing that Banks puts into all of their products. All of their products start out as CAD software prototypes where they are tested digitally. After passing a physical prototype is produced and sent to the Flow Bench to be flow tested. After being flow tested it is sent to the dyno for any last-minute fine tuning and adjusting, then it is time for its last and most important test, field testing. They field test the product to make sure their product does not only outperform in the shop but in real world applications, as well as proving that the product will be reliable and durable.

If you have any questions on the Banks Power Elbow Assembly or any of the other great aftermarket products that Banks offers then give us a call at 714-848-2170, or you can check us out at Banks Power Products online. Just a tip, when using the website, you should use the search function located at the top left corner of the screen to aid in finding the product for you.