When it comes down to it, there’s a huge amount of exhaust systems out there on the Banks Power Products website for all types of vehicles.  To narrow down the selection, search by the type of vehicle you have, using the categories located at the left side of the screen or the search bar.  Once you’ve got it narrowed down to say 100 or less, now you can organize this choice by their price from lowest to highest, their popularity, name, availability, and newness.  So let’s say you’re searching for an exhaust system to fit your 2002-2004 6.6L GM Duramax LB7 pickup with an extended or crew cab long bed configuration and no catalytic converter, you could check out the Banks Power Dual Exhaust PowerPack System.

This bundle comes with the Banks Ram-Air Intake System, the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust, the EconoMind Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ, the Techni-Cooler Intercooler system, the Monster Muffler, and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  This system will fully optimize your vehicle’s towing capabilities with massive increases to torque, horsepower, and the fuel economy.  The stock exhaust system that comes with the LB7 has tons of airflow bottlenecks, like the intercooler, which restrict the airflow and density of the air.  The PowerPack system replaces that shoddy system increasing the airflow, density of air, and cutting backpressure in your vehicle.  The exhaust pipes are an open, free-flowing design constructed with mandrel-bending techniques, with 4″ stainless-steel pipes.

Another exhaust system you can check out is the Banks Power Dual Exhaust Big Hoss Bundle designed for a 2003-2004 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel pickup truck with a standard cab long bed or a crew cab short bed configuration and equipped with a catalytic converter.  This is a big jumble of different systems like the PowerPack system, coming with the Banks Ram-Air Intake System, the Monster Diesel Duals Exhaust, the Six-Gun Diesel tuner and Banks iQ Dashboard PC, the Techni-Cooler Intercooler System, Monster Ram, the Monster Muffler, and the BigHead Wastegate Actuator.  This bundle will give you massive gains including an increase of 126 horsepower, 290 torque to the rear-wheels, lower EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures), and cutting your vehicle’s backpressure.

So if Banks’ many different exhaust systems piques your interest, then go ahead and research them or other products online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located at the left-hand side of the screen or call at 714-848-2170.


Bullet Diesel

Tuning your vehicle  for optimal fuel consumption can lead to a wide variety of different available tuners to consider trying.  For instance the Banks Power Bullet Diesel Tuner designed for the 2001-2004 6.6L GM Duramax LB7, is the most ideal, compact, and easy to use tuner available.

Affixing itself with ease to most 2 1/16″ gauge pods and is packaged with both the lead wire and an exhaust gas temperature probe.  These components are needed to get the proper exhaust gas temperatures, and help this system make a gain of 60 to horsepower and 100 torque for the rear-wheels.

With an average install time of only 3 hours, the Bullet Diesel Tuner is 2″ of easy use tuning.  Also available is an optional pillar-mount console for looks really to show-off your new gauge.

The system comes with 3 built-in power levels which are: tow, sport, and stock.  Setting the system to Tow will add about 30 horsepower while sport adds up to 60 horsepower.  All of these different power settings are very easy to adjust when you want!  As well as adjusting your vehicle’s power levels, the Bullet Diesel Tuner allows for the monitoring of your vehicle’s boost levels, the fuel economy for that particular boost level, as well as the exhaust gas temperatures or EGTs for short.

With the Digital Boost Gauge functionality, you can set a particular level for the system to recognize and alert you if it reaches that level with a red light on the front of the gauge.  This level can be set anywhere in between 20-50 PSI which is adjustable in increments of 1.  The gauge can also monitor just how much your fuel economy has improved.  The stock option will always read as 100 and on the other setting any number higher than 100 indicates the percentage of increased gas; 160 meaning an increase of 60%.

For the monitoring of EGT levels your system requires a thermocouple upgrade, which will give the Bullet Diesel Tuner adjustable temperature limiting control.  You can preserve your engine’s health through this control by setting a temperature limit.  The fueling limits that can be imposed range from 800-1500° and are adjustable in increments of 50.  The visual alarm on the front of the gauge will alert you if the EGT limit is surpassed by 50°.

For the most efficient diesel tuner that doubles as a gauge for monitoring your vehicle, be sure to get the Banks Power Bullet Diesel Tuner.  To look up more information on this tuner be sure to go online at Banks Power Products using the search bar located on the left-hand side of the screen or call as 714-848-2170.