Toyota Tundra Monster

Though Banks Power deals mainly in diesel applications of its systems, they also offer products compatible with gas-powered vehicles.  Tucked away online on the bottom left side of the screen of Banks Power Products you can find categories for various gas vehicles, separated by model and year.  Once you’ve selected your vehicle’s page there you can then organize all the parts that show up in ways such as price, age, and popularity.  There is also a second search bar that pops up to search within that vehicle’s parts only.  So if you have a Toyota Tundra that’s a 2009-2010 5.7L with a double cab medium bed or crew max short bed configuration, and you’re looking to upgrade to a new aftermarket exhaust system, then you should check out the Banks Power Dual Monster Exhaust System.

This exhaust system is made up of 3″ stainless-steel mandrel-bent pipes that are made specifically to boost airflow throughout and cut your vehicle’s backpressure by up to 76%.  The system’s heavy-wall tubing is bolted behind your vehicle’s catalytic-converters and safely clears the brake lines, shocks, and spare tire.  With the included Monster muffler and its straight-through stainless-steel design, you are going to be seeing massive performance gains.  The Monster Muffler was sound-tested to provide a nice sounding exhaust but not one that’s too pervasive.  This whole system nearly doubles your vehicle’s airflow compared to the stock numbers and gives gains of 11 to both horsepower and torque; giving your truck a better acceleration and improved fuel efficiency. To top it all off are the two 5 1/2″ by 4 1/2″ angle-cut rolled-edge tailpipe tips; as well as reassurance that your vehicle will still be under Toyota’s factory warranty and Banks lifetime warranty.

So if you’re still interested in upgrading your Tundra’s exhaust then be sure to go online at Banks Power Products using the steps I explained above to find your correct make, model, and year or go ahead and call 714-848-2170 for any questions or concerns.


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