Banks Six Gun Diesel Tuner

The Banks Six-Gun Diesel Tuner is truly a great piece for the people who want to get the best performance out of their diesel vehicles. The tuner alone can add up to 128 horse power (HP) and over 345 lbs of torque, which is great for people who like to race there diesel vehicle. With most of the tuners out there they reduce the flow of fuel when exhaust temperatures rise, but entirely ignore the powertrain. Not the Six-Gun Diesel Tuner though it has mission critical ActiveSafety safeguards that prevent the engine and powertrain from exceeding their limits and not cause any damage to them. An upgraded airflow system is recommended if installing a Six-Gun Diesel Tuner. Like all of Banks’ products the Six-Gun Diesel Tuner is put a gauntlet of trials of tests before it is even released into the market. It’s first designed and tested digitally in CAD, then if it passes it moves on to be tested on a flow bench. If it passes the flow test it goes on to be tested on the dyno were they are constantly fine tuning any mistakes or errors, or just trying to find a way just to make it perform better than first anticipated. The last test is one of the most important out of all of them that is where they actually field test the tuner to makes sure everything is up to par.

You can also purchase a Speed-Loader for a 2007.5-2010 6.6L GM Duramax, upgrade for your Six-Gun Tuner. The Speed-Loader increases the amount of horse power the tuner provides to 155 HP and the torque is increased to over 385 lbs of torque. It also provides temperature limiting for safety, but a pyrometer gauge is recommended still. The Speed-Loader is designed to decrease the amount of time it takes you to go from 0-60 mph by over 33% and in 36% less distance without producing any of the diesels trademarked soot, if you are a racer or just someone that like to enjoy the speed and power of your diesel, I highly recommend getting the Speed-Loader with your Six-Gun Tuner along with an air intake system upgrade to prevent any damage to happen to your vehicle. The guys were kind enough to even include all the hardware and wire harnesses for you to install your tuner. If you have any other questions about Banks Power Six-Gun Diesel Tuner for example on a  2006-2007 5.9L Dodge Cummins or Speed-Loader add on, give our guys at Banks Power Products a call at 714-848-2170, they would be happy to help you out.


Banks Six Gun Bundle

The Banks Six Gun Bundle for a 2003-2004 6.0L Ford Powerstroke for example, is a very popular exhaust bundle that Banks Power Products offers. The bundle includes a Ram-Air Intake System, a Single Monster Exhaust with the Monster High Flow Muffler, a Six-Gun Diesel Tuner with a Banks iQ Dashboard pc, and all of the necessary hardware and clamps for installation. With all of the amazing items that come with this bundle your most certainly going to be the envy of all friends who still only have stock in their diesel vehicles. First I just want to say that any and all of Banks’ products are extensively tested to ensure durability and reliability and are by far the best after-market products out there. With all of these products your looking at an increase of up to 138 HP and up to 231 lbs of torque that’s 43% more than stock, which is fantastic for those who are going to be towing or hauling heavy loads. Along with decreasing the amount of time it takes you to go 0-60 mph by 20%, this will help you when your racing on the track. It also improves the durability of your vehicle as well as improving your fuel economy (mpg) which is a good thing since the price of diesel has increased so much.

The Ram-Air Intake will improve greatly the amount of cold air that will reach your engine and help it perform better. This all comes from the design of the intake system which is unlike all stock intakes, it is a rounded shape with a large housing as well as a very large and durable air filter. Next is the high quality Monster Exhaust and High Flow Muffler, that not only looks nice with a polished look but is extremely durable like all of Banks’ products. The unique design of the exhaust helps for a better flow that drastically lowering backpressure which will help lower the exhaust gas temperatures (EGT), almost over 100 degrees lower than other competitors. The straight through muffler has been designed and sound tested to replace the annoying droning sound with a more strong and authoritative tone that is more pleasant sounding. I think your friends, family and especially your neighbors will appreciate that noise a little it better.

The Six-Gun Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ is a nice touch as well. The Banks iQ comes with 6 different power levels that you change on the go, and the 5″ screen will keep you from having to strain your eyes to see the screen (unlike most dashboard pcs) so you’ll spend less time looking at the screen and more time looking at the road, now that’s what I call safe engineering! You can also set the Banks iQ to monitor your Exhaust Gauge Temps (EGT), coolant temperatures. Not to mention for all the racers out there it can also log your lap times and even for those who go on long drives, it can tell you what your MPG was and how long it took you to drive there. Unlike most tuners that will restrict the flow of fuel when exhaust temperatures rise but completely ignores the powertrain, the Six-Gun Diesel Tuner does both to ensure the maximum amount of protection for your Engine and powertrain. And the best thing about this bundle is the guys at Banks Power Products even provided the clamps for installation. If you still have anymore questions about the Banks Six-Gun Bundle give us a call at 714-848-2170.

Air Intake Scoop

Banks Super Scoop is a fantastic add-on if you have the Ram-Air Intake System (which is a great intake system on it’s own). The Super Scoop is located below your front bumper where it forces cold air that has been pressurized into the Ram-Air Intake air filter housing. The result of this will contribute to your Diesel vehicle by giving better fuel economy (mpg), reduce the amount of smoke that is produced by most diesel vehicles, and most importantly lowers exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). The one thing that is essential for any aftermarket upgrades to your diesel is your air intake, and Banks is the best brand you can buy. They’re the best because they start from the ground up when making their products. As well as the amount of testing they go through to ensure that they are reliable and durable. Even before it is made into a physical product they are created digitally through a CAD and once it has been perfected it goes to a flow bench. If it has passed it heads on down to be extensively dyno tested and if it passes that then it head off to it’s last test. Where it will be attached to an actual vehicle to be field tested before being released into the market. The amount of testing they put into their products actually is what makes them cost what they do, it’s not because they have to pay for advertisement it’s solely because of the amount time and testing that is put into their intake systems. So not only does Banks Super Scoop for a 2003-2007 6.6L Chevy Classic Body go through all the testing to become an excellent add on to your Ram-Air Intake System, but it is also being added to one of the best intake systems on the market. If you have any questions about the Super Scoop or even about the Ram-Air Intake System, give our guys at Banks Power Products a call at 714-848-2170, they would be happy to assist you.

Banks iq

Where do I start with the Banks iQ? I can start off by saying this has to be by far, the coolest man-machine interface out there! Now like most things in your truck, when you turn off the engine and unless your key is in the accessory position everything will turn off, but not the Banks iQ, it stays on when others don’t. This is due to it’s rechargeable battery that can hold it’s power without, turning off. Another cool feature is you can use it like an Ipod, this means that you can actually upload pictures, listen to music, and watch movies on it. There is very little this complex piece of technology can’t do, it’s very possible that you will become the envy of your friends if you own this. Let’s say your speedometer is constantly getting busted and your tired of spending the money to get it fixed. You can use the iQ as your speedometer, it’s GPS synched for a very accurate reading.

If you have ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes of your car in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The Banks iQ for a 2001-2005 6.6L GM Duramax LB7, LLY will let you see what is really going on, you can read and clear codes, log data(see how your mpg was on a long trip), and see how fast you really were going when you were racing on the track or street. You can also set safety alarms, that means that the iQ will monitor different temperatures and various areas of your truck and will notify you with audible and visual warning signs if your close to dangerous temperatures. The big 5″ screen size is not only for looks but also for your safety, with other dashboard pc’s that have a small screen that you have to strain your eyes to see which means your eyes are no longer on the road and we all know that is just not safe! But Banks does not just create things for looks so that is why they use a 5″ screen to make it much easier for you to see the screen and less time having your eyes off the road.

Now I know that your thinking, what makes this different from any other dashboard pc’s? Well I’ll tell you! Banks is very well known for making fantastic and quality products and never disappoints. It can also be very versatile, this means there are many add-ons such as turn by turn navigation, and you can synch it up with your tuner as well. One cool thing that you probably haven’t heard about, is the Banks Brick, it’s an add on for the Banks iQ. With the Brick you will be able to access so much more in your ECU then any other chip out there from nitrous/propane boost, your dashboard PC will look like it’s something out of fast and the furious.  Unfortunately this add-on hasn’t been released yet but when it does, it’ll blow everything else out of the water. If you have any questions about the Banks iQ or the brick give our guys at Banks Power Products a call at 714-848-2170.

Banks Power

If your searching for Banks Power, chances are that your looking for a Banks’ Exhaust PowerPack System here is an example of one for a 2005-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke. The Exhaust PowerPack System comes with tons of goodies such as a Ram-Air Intake, High-Ram Intake manifold upgrade, a single Monster Exhaust with a single Monster High Flow Muffler, EconoMind Diesel Tuner with the Banks iQ now after knowing that you can just imagine the amount of improvements it’s going to bring to your diesel vehicle. Now when your looking for any type of exhaust system it’s a safe bet to purchase a Banks Exhaust System because they are the best in quality, reliability, and performance than any other brand on the market. The  Exhaust PowerPack System fits just about any type of diesel truck you can think of. If you have a short bed, long bed, crew cab, king cab, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and so on, Banks Exhaust PowerPack will work for you! And if you own a diesel truck, chances are that you tow trailers or haul heavy loads. When your doing any of those activities your going to want the maximum amount of torque and horsepower especially when you have to deal with those pesky uphills that will just drain your mileage and momentum. But with the Exhaust PowerPack the added 120 horsepower and 195 lbs of torque, those hills will seem just like another flat road.

Not only does it add all that beautiful HP and torque, it also greatly improves the amount of airflow and air density that will be flowing through your engine. Along with getting rid of most of the back-pressure, lowering the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) which is always a good thing. Like it was mentioned earlier that the PowerPack includes an Economind tuner, which will help tune the fuel and improve the efficiency of your engine and that means more durability and better fuel economy (how could you not like that). With the addition of the Banks iQ, you’ll no longer have to take time to adjust your power at all. The Banks iQ let’s you adjust everything on the go making it more convenient for you, and it comes with a big 5″ screen so it’s very easy to read. There are many other exhaust systems that Banks makes, but this is one of the best systems you can buy. If you have any questions about the Exhaust PowerPack System, just give our guys at Banks Power Products a call at 714-848-2170, they’d be happy to help you out.

Banks Cold Air Intake

Banks Power Products has a wide array of cold air intake systems. The 2 most popular cold air intake systems would be Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System, Banks Power Monster-Ram Intake Manifold. Both work great but differ slightly, The Banks Power Monster-Ram Intake Manifold for a 1998-2002 5.9L Dodge Cummins has up to 6 different ports for the maximum amount of flexibility. You can use these six ports for either one of the following water,meth, propane, nitrous injections, pressure and temperature sensors. The performance possibilities are endless with the amount of flexibility the Monster-Ram Intake offers! Unlike the stock inlet that is smaller, rigid, and angular looking, the Monster-Ram is larger and  has a sleek rounded look as well as being very durable. The Monster-Ram is put through a series of 3 tests, the first test is on the flow bench and secondly on the dyno. The third test is the most important test of all, this is where they actually road test it to ensure it’s durability as well as reliability. One of the main advantages of this product is it will allow a better flow of oxygen into the cylinders. The beauty of this Intake system is how it creates instant torque and responsiveness, and giving your vehicle better mileage to boot! Not to mention how much more airflow will be sent from the intercooler.

Now another great intake system for a 2001-2004 6.6L GM Duramax LB7 Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System. Like all of Banks’ products, this intake system is put through a series of tests to prove its reliability and durability. It’s first tested on a flow bench, from there it is tested on an actual car and lastly it is put up to the test against leading competitors products (where Banks always out performs). Unlike most stock air filters that have small corners and square housing that actually chokes the engine. Not to mention most stock air intakes that faces toward the fender which restricts the amount of airflow. The Ram-Air Intake System eliminates those problems by having a large dome shaped housing, along with an intake that allows for more cold air to flow, which will increase your power and mileage. Ram-Air also comes with a monster of an air filter and a massive outlet that will improve your over power and mileage as well. Where as many stock intakes systems have a square air filter that leaves the engine hungry for some cold fresh air. If you have any more questions or concerns about either of these products, give our guys at Banks Power Products a call at 714-848-2170.

Banks Brakes

If your looking for a fantastic braking system that ensures maximum safety, then Banks Power Products brake systems are for you! Banks’ exhaust brakes are hands down the best you’ll find on the market. Banks’ unique design is built for better and stronger braking than other exhaust braking systems. Given that most diesel trucks are fairly big and heavy, and most of the time towing or hauling heavy equipment. This means when you approach a steep downhill things can get kind of hectic, but with Banks Power Brake for a 1999-1999.5 7.3L Ford Powerstroke downhill speeds are reduced in half without the use of wheel brakes. This allows you to save your wheel brakes for when you really need them. Unlike other exhaust braking systems that can actually restrict the flow of your exhaust when not in use, and even increase your speeds when going downhill.

Banks’ brakes one of the only brake systems that actually locks and unlocks your torque converter or coast clutch to make sure the right amount of engine braking force is being sent to the wheels. They also control the gear selection to make sure your vehicle is in the best possible gear for any braking situation, without creating massive amounts of RPM. Banks’ brake controls are computerized and automatically sense the position of your throttle, it also takes control of the engagement of your brakes to make for a smooth transaction. This means no more jolting/jerky feeling or that irritating brake noise. The brakes automated disengagement at low speeds, such as stop and go traffic, will actually improve your mileage (since the way diesel prices are, is a good thing) and helps get rid of turbo lag. One of the best things is that all of Banks’ brakes are extensively tested to ensure quality and the brakes will never have to be calibrated.

Still the best feature of all is the reliability of the brakes. The amount of precision and quality work put into these brakes, is what makes them the safest and most durable brakes on the market. Even with the amount of work and quality of these breaks, they are still sold at a fair and affordable price. Not to mention they pay for themselves by the reduced brake wear and the best part is it’s maintenance free. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Banks Power Products at 714-848-2170. Our customer support team would gladly take your call.